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Anthony J. Gallela and a no-star cast light up the screen in James Ernest's new film, The Man Between. Thrill to the exploits of transatlantic special agent Bob Smith as he wrestles with the most mundane and uninteresting parts of his globe-trotting career. Pulse-pounding excitement? No! Fast cars? No! Waiting on hold? Yes!

The Man Between DVD, available from Cheapass Games (, contains both anamorphic widescreen and letterboxed versions of this "classique nouveau," as well as the 30-second preview and a deleted scene . It's a must-have for anyone, anywhere, with any set of criteria. Even if you already have a copy, you might consider picking up a spare.

This is the extremely small Web page for The Man Between. You can learn a little about the feature, and download desktops and the 30-second preview. Here they are:

Desktop 1   Desktop 2   Preview

The Man Between is a 30-minute film directed by James Ernest (of Cheapass Games fame) and starring Anthony J. Gallela as a globetrotting super spy in his less-than-perfect moments. Filmed in glorious Mini -DV and rife with audio problems, unsteady camera work, and a glaring lack of plot or characterization, The Man Between is nevertheless the crowning achievement of modern cinema. See for yourself.

The Man Between was shot on location in Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, London, and Birmingham, using a cheap mini-cam and its built-in microphone. It stars Anthony J. Gallela and a host of other friends of the director who have never appeared in movies before.

Upon deciding to create his own short film, director James Ernest felt the cold stare of a golden opportunity to create his own unique work, free from the constraints of the corporate filmmaking machine. However, Ernest chose to fly in the face of nonconformity and has instead created a piece of remarkably familiar scope and traditional construction, though on a budget thousands of times smaller than a typical Hollywood blockbuster. The result is compelling proof that James Ernest should attend film school. But more than that, it is a rallying cry for the unification of all humankind under the banner of universal love and compassion. More or less.

James Ernest presents Anthony J. Gallela in The Man Between. Featuring Daniel Kaufman, Nathan Clarenburg, Travis Eneix, Japji Khalsa, Mike Platz, Phil Foglio, and James Wallis as himself. Produced by James Ernest,, available on DVD from Cheapass Games, 2003; comedy; 30 minutes.

Material on this site and on the disk is (c) 2003 James Ernest, all rights reserved.